Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tourism and technology unite!

Recently returned to the United States, I've found something that I was missing all of these years when I traveled to the U.S. from Spain: a way to rent a smartphone with no strings attached. A new company called Explora based out of NYC rents Nexus 5 phones armed to the teeth with all of the social media, travel, and news apps for $8 a day. What's best about the service is the unlimited data, nationwide calls and messaging at that price.

They send the phone directly to you at your home or hotel upon arrival, then on your way out of the town all you've got to do is put the phone in the envelope Explora supplies and drop it off at a Fedex location. Voila! 

It's much easier and cheaper than what I used to do; the hassle of SIM cards, burner phones, looking for WiFi, and roaming fees made me not want to use a phone on my trips back. With Explora it's easy, cheap, and perfect for international travelers since the phone comes set in the language of your choice. The unlimited 4G data is the deal-sealer for users from other countries. 

It's a surefire choice for everyone around the world. I found out about them through recent travel and tourism posts on blogs and news sites. 

Check out a  a new way to rent a smartphone for travelers

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